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Buy a new construction home from a builder.

First you need to buy a new construction home from one of our builder partners. We have arrangements with our building partners where we agree to sell your home for free as long as you buy one of their homes.

What does Free Mean?

This is a great question. It means we would waive our listing side commission. Normally, you're expected to spend 5-7% on a real estate commission, but we'll waive the listing side commission which is 3%. On average our clients are saving anywhere from $6,000-$10,000.  We've found that these extra savings are a great help for additional down payments or upgrades for your new home.

Out of Area? We can still help you!

After you decide to interview us, we'll match you with one of our local professionals who has experience in local values and is best qualified to sell your home for the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the least hassle.

You'll pay only to a Buyers Agent.

Now, to get the maximum exposure for your home, we know that often times a buyer will come from another agent. In that case, you still save between $6,000-$10,000 on the sale of your home and at the same time you'll be responsible for a 3% fee a buyers agent. 

Lease Satisfaction

Don't currently have your own home? We can still help you! Stop throwing away money on renting and purchase your new construction home hassle free!When you decide to buy a new construction home with one of our builder partners, we will satisfy the terms of your lease enabling you to move towards home ownership.All you have to do is provide one of our skilled agents with a copy of your active lease and we will work diligently with your property management company to come to a resolution. We will even go as far as to rebate a portion of our commission to make it happen.

Online Presence

We maximize the exposure of your listing to make sure a motivated buyer sees it. Your listing has a custom MLS entry, is syndicated to over 1500 sites, and is blasted all over social media.

In Person Sales

We don't just sit back and let buyers come to us. We do out-bounding marketing to find a buyer faster. We have open houses, go door knocking and use in-house sales techniques.

Digital Upgrades

We produce next level marketing by enhancing the quality of our product with professional photography, drone aerial images, and 3-D virtual tours

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