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          ayler Foutz is a Professional Real Estate Agent, Business Coach, and Trainer currently located in Orlando, Florida. Tayler began his professional career as an ecclesiastical representative for his church where he spent 2 years serving and proselytizing on the Southern California Coast. During this time he was responsible for the welfare, training, and development of over 200 additional representatives in the area. After Tayler’s ecclesiastical service he returned home to Ogden, Utah, and aligned with high-minded professionals in the Real Estate and Coaching industry. As his involvement in the Real Estate industry increased, he was able to associate and interact with over 100 Top Real Estate Professionals and leaders in the United States. This opportunity provided Tayler insight into the ins and out’s of building a successful Real Estate Business as well as providing top-notch customer service in every transaction. Because of his involvement in the Real Estate Coaching and Training industry he earned the opportunity to become part of creating a Business Coaching Company that currently services over $1,000,000,000.00 in revenues. During this time, Tayler was responsible for the welfare of the clients serviced and the operational development of processes used by the company. After fulfilling his executive role, Tayler assumed the role of a full-time coach and moved his family from Utah to Orlando, Florida. With the move to Florida came the opportunity to, in conjunction with his coaching pursuits, dive fully into the opportunity of servicing Real Estate. He now uses his business experience and Real Estate knowledge to help Buyers, Sellers, and Investors facilitate real estate transactions with professionalism and ease. In addition to Taylers professional pursuits, He has been married for 3 years to a wife that hails from Spain. Their family consists of his wife Miriam, himself, and their two pets Ecco (Cat) and Lia (Siberian Husky). He is an avid fitness enthusiast and participates in a variety of Powerlifting and Cross Training activities. Contact Tayler today to see what his unique experience can provide you in your next Real Estate Transaction!